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An ethical pension


Invest in a positive retirement

Our aim is to bring positive growth and change to the world through a retirement plan that also performs well. When you open a pension with us, you’re making a conscious, ethical decision on where your retirement money goes.

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Less bad, more good

Excluding unethical investments doesn’t lead to lower performance potential; it means there’s more money available to make ethical and competitive investments.

Ethical and competitive

We invest in competitive industries like clean energy, medical solutions, innovative technology, sustainable products, healthcare, energy efficiency and more.


We have 6 ethical-only investment options for your retirement plan. This gives you flexibility in choosing what your retirement money supports, or doesn’t support.

Where your money goes

We only invest in well-run ethical companies and assets that we believe have a better chance of outperforming over the long-term and adapting to a changing world.

There are however destructive sectors and companies that would never be considered for our investment universe, such as tobacco or coal.


More information

Performance & prices

Find out more about pension performance, returns and unit prices.

Fees & costs

An overview of the fees and costs that may be applicable to your pension account.

Forms and PDS

Access to Super and Pension forms and product disclosure statements.

Looking for more? See FAQs.

You can also find out more about legal information on the governance structure of Australian Ethical Super.

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Responsible Investment Leader 2021


B Corps Best for the World

For Customers and Governance

B Corps ‘Best for the World Honouree’ Customer 2021 and Corps ‘Best for the World Honouree’ Governance. The Best for the World are B Corps whose score in the top 5% of all 3,500+ B Corps worldwide. This relates to the Australian Ethical entity, not the investment portfolio. 

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