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Corporate Governance

Australian Ethical seeks to make available company documentation that may be of interest to investors and other stakeholders.


Australian Ethical Investment Limited
November 2008
Australian Ethical Superannuation Pty Limited
July 2008
Australian Ethical Foundation Limited
February 2016
Australian Ethical Retail Superannuation Fund
February 2019
Australian Ethical Investment Funds Constitution
May 2017
Australian Ethical Emerging Companies Fund Constitution
May 2017
Australian Ethical Fixed Interest Fund Constitution
May 2017
Australian Ethical High Growth Fund Constitution
August 2021

Proxy Voting

Proxy Voting Record 2021
Proxy Voting Policy
Proxy Voting Record 2020
Proxy Voting Record 2019
Proxy Voting Record 2018
Proxy Voting Record 2017
Proxy Voting Record 2016
Proxy Voting Record 2015
Proxy Voting Record 2014
Proxy Voting Report and Summary 2013
Proxy Voting Report and Summary 2012
Proxy Voting Report 2011


Company Vision and Mission
Corporate Governance Statement
Code of Conduct
Ethical Investment Policy
Whistleblowing Policy
Continuous Disclosure Policy
Pricing Discretions Policy
Investor Relations Policy
Group Board Renewal Policy
FSC Standard 23 Principles of Internal Governance and Stewardship

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Board and Committee Charters

Board Charter
Audit Risk and Compliance Charter
People, Remuneration and Nominations Committee Charter

Relevant Duties and Interests Registers

Register of Relevant Duties
Register of Relevant Interests