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Original. Unique.

Only ethical

We’ve been investing ethically – and only ethically – since we began in 1986. Over 35 years we've honed our approach into a fine art - becoming globally recognised in the process. We’re yet to find another investment manager who invests like us, so when we say unique - we mean it.


Managed funds

Our award-winning managed funds balance ethical considerations and professional investment management. We go beyond environmental, social and governance criteria (ESG) and proactively seek out companies that do good.

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7 ethical-only options invested in emerging growth sectors, avoiding harmful ones, plus some eye-catching performances - what's not to like?

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An ethical and competitive pension that lets you choose what sort of companies you do or don't want to support in retirement.

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Other ways to invest


Invest in our managed funds through the ASX mFund Settlement Service via online brokers

SMA (for adviser)

Australian Ethical Australian Shares Portfolio is now available on Praemium and Hub24

Platforms (for adviser)

Find our managed funds on a number of platforms, like BT Panorama, Asgard and more. Get in touch to see ratings and platforms.